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Updating Log Books during COVID-19 Restrictions

Jun 1 2020

Updating Log Books During COVID-19 Restrictions Revised 1st June 20

Updating Log Books 


Under the current circumstances, given restrictions on venue, meetings, et al the Federation suggests use the following format for Log Book renewals

Payment of membership is done by EFT or cheque

Log Book is posted to club with a copy of the EFT or cheque and a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of the book 

If a new Log Book is required i.e. all membership years have been filled in check with the club to see if any additional cost is involved

This process has worked for many years for clubs with “remote members” – it’s simple and cost effective. 

One suggestion of the club has a large number of members break them up in “Alphabet Order Blocks” to even out the flow.


To assist Clubs in processing Log Book renewals by remote means without having to handle them, an additional mechanism has been agreed by DPTI. 

The member may scan and email the Front Cover and Membership Page of their Log Book to the Club. The Club can then print and sign the scanned copy and then scan/email the signed facsimile back to the member. The member can then print and carry the signed facsimile (which will be an exact copy of the actual Log Book) with them. 

The usual procedures for ensuring members are financial remain, as do the normal Log Book entry processes for journeys. 


For MR334 forms, the member can supply all the information needed by the Club and allow the Authorised Officer  to complete the form as much as possible. The MR334 can be signed by the Authorised officer and the White Copy posted to the member, who then signs it and attends ServiceSA to apply for Conditional Registration. 

It is suggested that in all cases where alternate means are used under the COVID19 restrictions, a note be made on the paperwork to draw attention to the accommodation being made under the current circumstances. 

FHMC will advice when DPTI deem these alternate processes to no longer be required.

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