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Log Book Procedures

Log book issue & log book return procedure for both manual and electronic reporting

1. This procedure is issued to Clubs that are recognised under Motor Vehicles (Conditional Registration-Recognition of Motor Vehicle Clubs) Notice 2017: Schedule 1 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959, and is to be read in conjunction with the Code of Practice for Club Registration issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, effective 1 July 2017.
2. The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc is the issuing authority for Log Books approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for Club Registered Vehicles.
3. All log book requests from recognised clubs, whether affiliated with theFederation or not are to be forwarded on the Log Book Order Form to the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc P O Box 703 Plympton SA 5038 marked for the attention of the Log Book Manager, together with the fee applying at the time. Please allow at least 15 working days for the processing of your order by this method, however the facility to order log books on-line is now available on www.fhmcsa.org.au and "Log Book Orders" and complete details of your Club's requirement. Coupled with payment by EFT to the Federation to BSB 105-900 Account No 954046040 will ensure quicker filling of your order.
4. The current fee for a log book is $2 for a Federation affiliated recognised club and $5 for a non-affiliated recognised club.
5. The recognised club must account for all log books issued by that club to its members in the form of a Log Book Return Sheet, refer clause 2.30 of the Code of Practice. This form will be available in Microsoft Excel format on the Federation's web site at www.fhmcsa.org.au soon but can be created as a basic 8 column excel spreadsheet.  Samples of the Log Book Return Sheet and Log Book Order Form are attached to this notice.
6. A log book return sheet shall comprise of consecutive log book numbers with each log book being acquitted against a member of that recognised club showing the following information:
       ·  Log Book Number
       ·  Date issued to Club Member
       ·  Surname of Club Member/if in joint names only one of the names required
       ·  Post Code
       ·  Make of Vehicle
       ·  Model of Vehicle
       ·  Year of Manufacture
       ·  Registration Number.
* Please use UPPER CASE (CAPITALS) on the Return Sheet,
7. A log book return sheet can be submitted electronically (preferred method) in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format to treasurer@fhmcsa.org.au at any time.
Do NOT use any other format eg word, jpeg or pdf files.

Sheets may be continuous and not restricted to the format of up to 25 Log Books per sheet. Please commence a new Log Book Return Sheet at the start of each new batch of log books purchased and only report the issue of a log book to the Federation Treasurer on its initial issue to your member.  Also it is NO LONGER NECESSARY to forward a printed copy to the Federation.  Please ensure the return sheet is in Excel Spreadsheet format for transfer to the database held by the Federation.
8. If clubs use hand written return sheets as per sample attached, please submit them to the Federation at P O Box 703 Plympton SA 5038 at completion or as soon as practicableon purchase of the next order of Log Books.  Commence a new Log Book Return Sheet at the start of each new series of log books purchased.  Please ensure that Log Books reported on a Log Book Return Sheet are kept in numerical order and details legible.
9. If a club submits its returns on a continuing basis as in paras 7 & 8 above, then its responsibilities as directed in the Code of Practice regarding annual returns is fulfilled, in other words your club is not required to re-send returns annually.
10. If a Log Book is spoilt by an Authorised Officer prior to issue, the Authorised Officer is to cancel the Log Book, endorse the Log Book Return Sheet and retain the Log Book in club records as evidence of cancellation for later presentation to an auditor. DO NOT DESTROY THE LOGBOOK.  Clubs are required to retain log book documents for five (5) years from the date of the last endorsement on that document.
11. The use of the electronic method of ordering Log Books, EFT payments and the notification by Log Book Returns considerably enhances the process of accounting for log books issued to your members and is actively encouraged for all clubs to adopt.


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