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Q: “Extension” on Conditional Registration, is that automatic or does the owner have to request it?

This allows the vehicle to be moved 500m for the purpose of relocating the vehicle from one part of a property to another or enabling another vehicle to gain access to a road or property.

A: The extension is granted automatically as part of the registration process.

Who Can Drive

Q: Do you have to be a Member of the Club to drive a vehicle on conditional registration

A: No, any person who holds a valid current licence for that type of vehicle can operate it.

Multiple Drivers

Q: If you change drivers during the day does the new driver have to sign the Log Book

A: Yes Point 3.6 of the codes states

3.6 Vehicle owners must ensure records for each journey undertaken in a conditionally registered vehicle are listed in the log book issued by the recognised motor vehicle club. The date of the journey and a brief description of the journey must be recordedbeforeeach journey commences. The driver must also sign the book(next to the particulars of use) before each journey commences.

Two entries would be necessary if the driver changed partway through. Both drivers could sign next to the journey or given the space parameters use the following line, same date same journey details possibly (even the through book states one line per day). Either way it is still only one day of the 90 day allocation.”

Buses on Club Registration

Q: What criteria do they have to meet if

Vehicle is in original form

A: If vehicle has 13 or more seats they will need to have an annual bus inspection. This is regardless of use.


Vehicle has been converted to a mobile home.

A: Modified to be motorhomes they would need a seating inspection where seating numbers have changed and a new seating plate is then fitted. Vehicle would then be registered as caravan vehicle with no other inspection requirements.”

MR334 Forms

Q: Can I use another Authorised Person’s MR334 Pad

A: No the system will reject the application and owner will have to have it re-done.


Q: Who supplies the MR334 Pads

A: Pads are available onlyfrom DPTI and must be ordered in writing on club letterhead with Authorised Officers full details Address details are

                        Plate Administration


                        GPO Box 1533

                        Adelaide SA 5001


Or the letter can attached to an email (.pdf format) email address is


Changing "Information about the Owner and the Vehicle”

Q: Can I change the "Information about the Owner and the Vehicle” Page in the Log Book OR do I have to issue a new book?
A: Following Details can be changed

            Residential Address

            Engine Number

Registration Plate Number

Ensure first that DPTI have been notified of the changes first to ensure log Book Details match DPTI records


Log Books

Vehicle going onto scheme for First Time

Two criteria must met.

  1. Was an MR334 issued by your Club. – Sight your Club Copy or confirm with Club’s Authorised Person
  2. Is the person a Financial Member of your Club? - If in doubt ask for proof of currency of membership.

Cancelled Book

A Log Book needs to Cancelled for the following reasons

  1. Vehicle has been Sold
  2. Owner has “resigned” from club
  3. Vehicle has been transferred to another Club
  4. Registration Cancelled or reverted to full registration


In all of the above cases the club is notrequired to notify DPTI.

To cancel a Log Book either rule out or cut out unused pages.

The owner should retain the cancelled Log Book for at least 60 days after the date of last entry.

Vehicle Transferring from another Club

Member has come from another Club with a Log Book issued by that Club and wants to have a Log Book issued by your Club – Log Books are not transferable.

  1. Old Log Book must be cancelled by issuingClub
  2. Cancelled Book presented to New Club’s Registrar – proof of cancellation.
  3. Is the person a Financial Member of your Club? - If in doubt ask for proof of currency of membership.
  4. Authorisation Officer verifies vehicle and issues new MR334 – even if vehicle is registered
  5. New Log Book issued

Un-Financial Member

When a member becomes un-financial, they no longer meet one of the criteria for Conditional Historic Registration and the Club must notify DPTI in writing on Club letterhead within two months after the end of the Club’s financial year and include

  1. Vehicle Registration
  2. Owner[s] Name
  3. Address
  4. If available Owner’s Client Number (On registration Papers & Driver’s Licence)

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