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The Answer - Who Can Sign/Validate a Log Book

Apr 13 2020

Who Can Sign/Validate a Log Book

“Who can sign the Log Books, Who does What”


There are two distinct roles, which can filled by the one person but are two separate functions


Log Book Registrar, Club Log Book Officer they have a variety of names – the member nominated by the club to

“take all appropriate measures in the issue, management and record keeping requirements for Scheme log books (pge 8 of the code)

i.e. maintains a record of all log books issued to the members and submits a Club Log Book return to the Federation on a periodic basis.

The club needs to notify only the Federation who is the filling this role in the Club.


Log Book Validation Person, the role of this person is to validate the Log Book each membership year. The Log Book uses the wording “Authorisation Officer” this has no connection to a club’s “Authorised Person” as defined in the code. The club is not required to notify DPTI or the Federation of the appointments but need to minute the appointments.

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