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Grant Scheme

May 8 2018

The Federation at its meeting on 21 April 2018 approved a grant scheme for persons under the age of 31, details as follows.

This is a scheme dated 21 April 2018 where applications must be received by the Federation by 31 July 2018 for evaluation by the Committee for presentation at the Federation's Annual General Meeting on 18 August 2018. This scheme is limited to a value of $3,000.

1. The Federation may approve a grant of up to Five Hundred Dollars to an individual (the applicant) who is a member of an affiliated Federation Club complying with the following conditions:

• The applicant is a member or part of a Family membership of a club that is an affiliated club with the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs South Australia Inc,
• The applicant is resident in South Australia and is 30 years of age or younger.

2. The Historic Vehicle is a vehicle under restoration owned by the applicant, and the vehicle complies with the following clauses:

• The Historic Vehicle under restoration is defined in Clause 2.4 of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc Constitution and complies with Regulation 15(2) of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 2010,
• The vehicle under restoration is not a prescribed vehicle under Regulation 16(1) of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 2010,
• The restoration may be in progress or complete,
• The work must be current and not for work carried out in the past,
• The vehicle is in South Australia.

3. This Grant may be used for such as but not restricted to:
• Motor Trimming,
• Vehicle painting, paints and equipment to carry out painting.
• Engine and other mechanical work provided that the work does not place the vehicle within Regulation 16 of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 2010, or
• The fitment of new tyres, and
• Work may be carried out by professionals in their trade.

4. The request for a grant by the applicant will be done by the affiliated Federation club, is to be on club letterhead and signed by either the club President or Secretary of the club the applicant is a member. Copies of invoices or photographs will assist in the approval process.

5. In approving a grant, the Federation reserves the right to refuse or vary any request. A club may support several submissions on behalf of a number of its club members complying with paragraph 1, but a member complying with paragraph 1 who is a member of more than one club may only be included in a submission from one club.

6. A request for a grant with supporting documents is to be made to:

The Secretary
Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc
P O Box 703

with submissions to be received by 31 July 2018.

Previous successful applicants under this scheme which was approved on 19 August 2017 and closed on 31 December 2017 are not eligible.

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