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Historic Vehicles in South Australia operate under a system of Conditional Registration. Incorporated in Section 25 of the Motor Vehicles Act as amended in 1991, the scheme came into operation in February 1992 and allows prescribed vehicles more than thirty years old to be operated without registration fee for a period not to exceed ninety days in one registration year.
To qualify a vehicle must be more than thirty years old and substantially as designed, and the owner must be, and remain, a financial member of a recognised club.From July 1 2012 only vehicles built before 1979 may be admitted to the scheme

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Club Responsibilities



There have been a number of occasions where vehicles vary from the manufacturer's specifications and those variations appear to lay outside the guidelines laid down in the Code of Practice. The Club Authorising Officer may have doubts about signing off about the vehicles of this nature or the club's decision may be disputed. To resolve these issues a Variations sub committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Arthur Doecke. Normally any resolutions made by the committee are general in nature and apply to all vehicles of that make and model. The committee only considers questions directed to it by a member club.
View current approved variations in PDF format here

Motor Vehicles Act & amended Regulations
Acurrent copy of the Motor Vehicles as amended can be downloaded here and an extract of the relevant regulations as amended here

The link to the Code of Practice will lead to the 2012 Code of Practice

The amended regulations and new Code of Practice call for owners to provide annual Statutory Declarations affirming that the vehicle/s continue to comply with the regulations and associated code of practice. To assist members the Federation have provide a Statutory Declaration Form which we believe will meet our needs. Download a copy here in PDF format.

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